Monday, 21. 09. 2020
Lash Lifting, Lash Tinting & Brow Lifting»Cosmetic»PROFESSIONAL EYELINER soft & KAJAL intense


Pens in a softer consistence for the eyelid - 7 colours:

EYELINER soft Light Black - for a softer black tone, also well suitable for eyebrows

EYELINER soft Brown - a softer consistence for eyelid and eyebrows

EYELINER soft Silver - with brilliant effect

EYELINER soft Green - soft touch of olive

EYELINER soft Gold - warm shine with golden look

EYELINER soft White - easy to apply

Kayal intense

Very intense black KAJAL pen - long lasting without smearing with a slightly harder tip, also suitable for drawing fine lines

fitting the Eyeliner soft pens, with a precise blade

Information about our LIQUID EYELINER can be found HERE.